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Shmaltz Brewing Company

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We hope you’ve recovered from feasting on all of the soup and the brisket and the latkes and those soft and gooey jelly doughnuts too! Now it’s time to drink some beer. We wouldn’t take up this space discussing any old ale or stout. No sir. We’re talking about the Shmaltz Brewing Company, home to […]

Eating Local with Soupergirl

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This week we’re proud to feature Soupergirl, a good friend and early supporter of The Chosen. Soupergirl is really Sara Polon, a Potomac native and one-time stand-up comic who now pours all of her efforts into delivering delicious soup to your door or to a pickup location near you. After reading Michael Pollan’s compelling book, […]

Ize’s Deli & Bagelry

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We’ve lamented the lack of good deli in this space before and while recent years have seen the decline of previously good restaurants and some even going out of business, it’s good to know that you can still get a great bagel in this town. The family owned and operated Ize’s Deli and Bagelry, located […]

Honey Cake with Pecan Swirls Recipe from The Kosher Baker, Paula Shoyer

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Paula Shoyer is a former attorney and speechwriter who enrolled in a pastry course in Paris for fun while living in Europe a few years ago. After being asked to bake for friends, she ended up operating a dessert catering business in Geneva, Switzerland for two years. While in Geneva, she was asked to teach […]

The Bubbe’s Gazpacho

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The dog days of summer are rolling through and there is no relief in sight for this unbearable heat. Or is there? Nothing says refreshing like a nice bowl of chilled gazpacho on a hot summer evening. Tomatoes are peaking right now so it’s the perfect time to grab a few and make a quick, […]