The Art of Breakfast

For us at The Chosen, brunch is easily the most favorite meal of the day. Give us an omelet, rye toast and some bacon (shh, don’t tell Bubbe) and we’re set!

Dana Moos, born and bred in Potomac, Maryland was involved in real estate and commercial property management before her and her husband decided to move to Maine to run a Bed and Breakfast.

 Dana always loved cooking and had dreams of owning her own restaurant but didn’t want to keep up with the frenetic pace of one. Her guests began asking her when she was going to write a cookbook. She never thought of writing one until Down East Magazine approached her to write one in May 2010. By November 7, 2010 she submitted her recipes and photos.

She currently runs a cooking blog on her website Art of Breakfast and sells Inns, B&B’s, and recreational facilities in Bar Harbor, Maine. You can purchase her book through Amazon

Now if you’ll excuse me I am going to go master the art of the perfect hollandaise. Until next week….

 Peace, Love and Breakfast
– The Chosen