January, 2011 | The Chosen Group

The Art of Breakfast

For us at The Chosen, brunch is easily the most favorite meal of the day. Give us an omelet, rye toast and some bacon (shh, don’t tell Bubbe) and we’re set! Dana Moos, born and bred in Potomac, Maryland was involved in real estate and commercial property management before her and her husband decided to move […]


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Pre-register for the ACCESS Annual Winter Party at Lounge 201. You can register here or by clicking the invitation below.

Return to Haifa

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Voices of a Changing Middle East Festival: Portraits of Home Presented by Israel’s premier Cameri Theatre of Tel Aviv and its talented cast of Arab- and Jewish-Israeli actors, the adaptation will likely be an American audience’s first introduction to the works of Kanafani. Among the foremost writers of Palestinian and Arab fiction, Ghassan Kanafani was also […]

Get Involved with AJC and ACCESS DC

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Located in the nation’s political and diplomatic heart, ACCESS DC, the American Jewish Committee’s (AJC) New Generation Program is known for its ambitious agenda in working with young diplomats, community leaders and thinkers. ACCESS empowers young professionals to engage today’s critical domestic and international issues, reaching out to diplomats, policymakers and young leaders of diverse […]