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Los-Angeles based singer/songwriter Pete Yorn has had a very busy year. Besides releasing two albums last year; one with Scarlett Johansson; Yorn has been busy promoting his fifth solo studio effort and Vagrant Records debut. His new self-titled album was recorded in a mere 5 days with Frank Black of The Pixies in Salem, Oregon. His voice in ruins from a poorly timed case of flu, the singer/songwriter gave one of the most powerfully emotive vocal performances of his career. But between the bad bug and Black’s new approach to recording, Yorn admits to feeling somewhat out of his comfort zone.

Photo courtesy of Jeffrey Sidelsky

The result of his latest album is exuberant and edgy, with songs like “The Chase” and the album-opening “Precious Stone” ringing out loud and strong with chiming guitars, soaring harmonies, and Yorn’s soul-wrenchingly wrecked vocals.

“It just makes me want to put my fist in the air,” Yorn says of the new album. “There’s something about it that’s really empowering.  It’s a minimalist record for me; all of the instrumentation is distilled down to a more simple form.”

Yorn isn’t one of those untouchable rockers; he has a tight bond with his fans. He says his fans keep him on his toes. “I want to be able to keep doing this and consider it a career. And I don’t want to be obscure. This is music a lot of people of all generations can relate to. The more people who can hear my music and take something from it while feeling good about themselves, the better.”

If you’re a music lover and fan of live shows I suggest you go check out Pete Yorn on October 6th at The Blackcat in DC. You can purchase tickets here. Here’s a tip- when you go  to the show you can surely woo him with a strawberry cheesecake.


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Want to listen to the album before you buy? You can stream his album live here

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