Adam Duritz and the Counting Crows

Summer has flown by and if you’re like me, you’re trying to squeeze in another outdoor concert before the leaves start to change. Monday, August 9th the Counting Crows Traveling Circus and Medicine Show is coming to Wolf Trap. Lead singer and fellow ‘chosen one’ with distinguishing dreadlocks Adam Duritz hails from Baltimore, Maryland. 

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The ‘Traveling Circus’ is in it’s second year of touring and consists of the Counting Crows and west coast band Augustana. The format of the Traveling Circus tour is a unique one. Instead of the usual opening band / closing band sets, the performers (mainly Counting Crows and Augustana, with rapper Notar in the mix) swap places on the stage, moving back and forth between performing each others’ songs. 

Counting Crows Traveling Circus and Medicine Show

Duritz left Baltimore after high school and moved to California to attend Berkley. This is where he met his fellow band mates. They began touring in the Bay Area under the name of The Himalayans. Wanting to spread his wings, Duritz renamed the band and released the Counting Crows‘ debut album August and Everything After in 1993. Produced by T-Bone Burnett, the album quickly became a success with hits such as “Mr. Jones” and “Round Here”. 

August and Everything After became the fastest-selling album since Nirvana’s Nevermind. The instant success of their first single “Mr. Jones” propelled the band forward and directly into the spotlight. Gaining positive reviews from Rolling Stone and other publications they were quickly added to the roster of bands performing on the Late Show with David Letterman  and Saturday Night Live. Their success earned them a spot on the Rolling Stones tour in 1994.  

Since 1994, Adam and his band mates have toured extensively and released 9 albums and 20 singles. Duritz’ lyrics have been described as “morose” and “tortured” by critic Stephen Erlewine of Allmusic and as “wordy introspection” and his vocals “expressive.”

The Counting Crows are constantly giving back to the community. Duritz and the band began the Greybird Foundation which donates money and helps local businesses and community-based organizations. If you want to do a little mitzvah you can donate to the foundation here.

One thing is for sure, if you want to listen to some great music, re-live some of the better music of the 90’s and be entertained by a Russian Jew  front man I suggest you get a pair of tickets to the Counting Crows Traveling Circus and Medicine Show.  

Peace, Love, and Dreadlocks,
 -The Chosen

You can purchase tickets to the Counting Crows Traveling Circus and Medicine Show here
You can make donations to the Greybird Foundation here


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