Jesse Eisenberg, Hasidic Jews, and Ecstacy

Ecstasy and Hasidic Jews; Two things you wouldn’t think relate to one another but they do.

In the film Holy Rollers, based on a true story, Jesse Eisenberg plays an impressionable young man from an Orthodox Brooklyn community as he goes from having no awareness of the drug underworld to running a smuggling team of his own.

Sam Gold, played by Eisenberg is an insulated Hasid on the edge of adulthood and is bothered by the constraints of his beliefs and his father’s poor business acumen. He displays the internal moral struggle of a young man torn between polar-opposite cultures and beliefs.

When Sam is presented with an opportunity to make money smuggling Ecstasy between Amsterdam and New York, he warily accepts it-and quickly finds himself seduced by the allure and fast money.

Trapped between a life as a smuggler and the path back to God, Sam and his worlds begin to unravel.

Eisenberg has become a familiar face in the world of independent films having appeared in recent movies Zombieland and Adventureland.

The film is another in a line of indie hits to come from the Sundance Film Festival where it did well enough to get a limited release in the US.

Director Kevin Asch fleshes out the contrasting worlds of Brooklyn’s Hasidic community and the drug scene in Amsterdam, while illuminating the complex lives of his characters and the stringent dynamics among them.

Thinking about the film, one wonders what Sam Gold’s Bubbe must’ve thought!

Holy Rollers is currently playing at the Landmark E Street Cinema.

To learn more about the film visit:

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