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The Corned Beef Has Arrived!

In the spring we mentioned that the DGS Deli would be opening in the summer. Well, it’s now Fall and we’re still wishing and hoping for some good corned beef. Good thing DGS has finally arrived; it’s D(eli) Day! D.C. gets compared to New York City in many ways, for better or worse. It’s almost […]

Mendelsohn Owns The Hill

Apparently DC’ers aren’t sick of Spike yet. Mendelsohn is set to open a  steak-frites restaurant in the former Thai Roma space for a restaurant named Bearnaise slated to open in October. Mendelsohn’s rep Jordyn Lazar confirmed that they signed the lease in mid-July and will be a steak-frites concept. Bearnaise will serve lunch and dinner and it’ll be another sit-down […]

Washington Jewish Music Festival

If it’s one thing we like here at The Chosen, it’s music. Once we learned about the Jewish Music Festival taking place in May we couldn’t pass up the chance to give you the details. Presented by the Washington DC Jewish Community Center’s Morris Cafritz Center for the Arts. The Howard and Geraldine Polinger Family […]

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What Is Cosmology in Physics?

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A well-known question I get asked is what exactly is cosmology in physics. What’s the physics behind ultrasound, the sound that travels quicker than the speed of light? Furthermore to this it appears you will discover other inquiries I’m asked regularly. It’s not just the science that makes my head spin however the reality that […]

Сколько может стоить вулкан делюкс?

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Онлайн казино Вулкан Platinum Вулкан Платинум приглашает игроков из стран бывшего СНГ Экс-владелец сети казино «Вулкан» занялся микрокредитами в Германии. Держава предложило новый способ борьбы с подпольными казино. Официальный сайт VulkanClub содержит большое количество полезной информации: инструкции для начинающих, игровые секреты, научно-познавательные статьи о позициях игорного бизнеса в мировой культуре. Клуб Вулкан радует своим ассортиментом. […]

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The Chronicles of Animal Kingdom Science The body is supported by means of a skeleton composed of spicules or spongin fibres. Healthier fats” may sound as a contradiction, but some forms of fat really can help safeguard your heart. You merely have two levels left! Submissions need to be made via email. Money of […]